Review Policies and Process

Internal Peer Review Process

First of all the submitted papers undergo an internal review process. The editor makes an initial decision if  the manuscript should be send  for the peer review or to reject without external review. Articles can be rejected at this stage for different reasons such as similarity with a recently published article, the topic is outside of the scope of the GMJ, little new information is provided, important flaws in the scientific validity, or an unprofessional presentation. This process normally takes two weeks week. If the editor decides the article may be of interest to our readers, it is then sent out for an external peer review.

External Peer Review Process

The editor consults the editorial board upon identifying potential reviewers based on their expertise in the field. Two reviewers are identified for each submitted manuscript.

Potential reviewers are contacted by the editorial secretary about their availability and interest in reviewing. Inquiries to reviewers are sent by e-mail, which include the manuscript abstract and the assignment deadline. When potential reviewers agree to make a review, they are permitted access to the manuscript and reviewing instructions. The reviewers’ names are also unknown to manuscript author(s). The reviewing process lasts four weeks. After the reviewing process, authors receive the decision from the editorial board as follows: accepted, accepted with slight changes, revise and resubmit, rejected.