Submissions (Author Guidelines)

Manuscript requirements


The title of the paper ought to be clear, concise and accurate. The abstract should have maximum 250 words and its structure should be as follows: Paper objectives – stating the main aims of the research; what is it about and why is it important. Previous research on the subject – what prior research concepts, or experiences is the paper trying to build on? How does the paper relate to other researches in this field?). Perspective – what perspective was used to capture the research evidence? What were the main methods employed (e.g. field work, survey, case study), Conclusions/results – underline the main results and conclusions from the conducted research, present evidence or experiences; make sure that results are clear, precise and justified).

 Keywords: Minimum 5 and maximum 7 keywords or short phrases, which are not included in the title

1. Introduction (Times New Roman 12, Bold)

The paper must provide the details of the work to readers. It should be divided into sections, each with a heading, so that a reader can follow the logical development of the work.

The paper must  follow the clear answers pattern based on the following scheme:

1.  Stating the problem.

2.  Research on the subject done so far by other people (references, overview)

3.  Presentation of your own conducted research, including: research perspective, research subject matter, research objectives, methodology, solutions;

4.  Presentation of your own new results/conclusions;

5.  Indications for the further research; 

Final submissions not following the required format will be returned to the authors for modification. All scientific papers should be written in English. The abstract and the keywords must be written in English. Polish authors should provide within the same document the Polish version of the article as well.

2.  General Organization of the Paper

The length of your paper should not exceed 8-12 pages.

2.1.  Paper format

The paper must be set as follows: Author Guidelines

3.  Publishing Process

GMJ is a peer review journal. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

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3.1  Footnotes

Make sure that all footnotes are numbered consecutively (in Arabic numbers) and  listed in a special section before references.

3.2. References

Make sure that whenever you refer to previously published work, you set a reference to acknowledge the work you build upon.

References and citations should follow an APA Citation Style. Additionally, all references must be cited in the text.

3.3.  Tables

All tables must be numbered consecutively (in Arabic numbers). Table headings should be placed above the table.

3.4. Page Numbering

Do not add any text to the headers and footers, not even page numbers. The text will be added electronically.

 4.  References

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